Break Through The Illusion  
  "Break Through The Illusion" is a dungeon barrage shooting game.
The protagonist Mick enters a dungeon full of monsters. He needs to try to pass one room after another, make full use of the specific weapons and limited bullets in his hand to kill the monsters in these rooms, in order to reach the boss room for the final battle.
You can use the right mouse button to activate the protective cover, but there is a limit to the protection time. Weapon guns can use ordinary bullets, wave rounds, tracking missiles, blue laser rounds, and red laser rounds. The enemy may explode, that is, fire a bullet in a specific direction upon death. In terms of maps, 10 maps are temporarily open, and more maps and monsters will continue to be added in the future.

Gaming mouse and keyboard control:
Protective cover - click the right mouse button to activate it, you can temporarily avoid the oncoming intensive bullet attack
Launch a bullet - click the left mouse button
The protagonist moves - wsad on the keyboard corresponds to move the protagonist up, down, left, and right
Aiming at the enemy - move the mouse to control the cross aiming cursor on the screen
Change the bullet type - the small scroll wheel in the middle of the left and right mouse buttons can quickly change the gun type, or press the keyboard E key, or press the keyboard 1 to 5 to switch the gun type.

-5 kinds of weapons to choose, the bullets of each weapon need to collect gems and money to buy specific bullets.
-Wonderful boss barrage.
-10 big maps.
-Set multiple avoidance areas in each room.
-Mobs and bosses will not always fire the same bullets. When the HP is less than a certain level, they will switch to other bullet attack modes.
-10 achievements.
-The designated bullets can be purchased through the shop.

System Requirements:
- OS : Windows 7 SP1 32 bit or newer
- Processor : 2 GHz Dual Core
- Memory : 1G RAM
- Graphics : NVIDIA GTX 630 or better
- Storage : 100 MB available space

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