Infinity War Land  
  Robot One is fighting monsters in the dungeon while upgrading weapons. Every time you upgrade a level, you can choose one of the base weapons and rotating weapons to upgrade the weapon level. At each level, the number and type of enemies will continue to increase and change, so we need to make full use of the characteristics of various weapons and avoid a large number of enemies in time.

- 12 weapons can be upgraded to 10 levels
- 5 revolving weapons can be upgraded to 10 levels
- 5 auxiliary skills can be upgraded to level 10
- 21 achievements
- Automatic aiming and automatic polling to fire bullets

System Requirements:
- OS : Windows 7 SP1 32 bit or newer
- Processor : 2 GHz Dual Core
- Memory : 1G RAM
- Graphics : NVIDIA GTX 630 or better
- Storage : 100 MB available space

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